This is my favorite view, the one students get coming down the stairs at the new Pennridge High School.
This is my second favorite view, Is that corona or the sun setting around Jan 1?
View from the cafeteria, across the pond and fountain.
This is a current view from the eastern side of the towers. The 80 meter vertical is in the foreground the 160 Meter "perveted L" starts at the base of the 80 and up to the main tower just below the middle SkyHawk tribander.
This is a wider view from about 50 degrees, the view from Europe. Just to the left new construction is altering the landscape.
This looks like a lot of aluminium and fiber glass. It is an optical illusion. The Rohn 25 tower is about 30 feet from the AB105 tower, and the 80 vertical is about 30 feet to the right. Interaction? This stuff probably doesn't work at all.
This is the view from the South West note the AB105 tower starts out almost 5 feet lower than the Rohn tower.
This is the view from the driveway.
This is a view of the construction which went from 2002 thru 2007

FOR LOTS MORE ANTENNA PHOTOS...things of beauty..and terrain/gain plots


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Charles Fulp